Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yellow Mums in Blue Jars

There's nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up a small space and put a smile on your face.  We tried to go to the Los Angeles Flower District but got there too late on a Saturday and they were already closed.  Fortunately, we were still able to pick up some beautiful fresh flowers at a small market across the street.  We picked up some bright yellow China mums and some green pom poms and white peonies for our summery arrangement.  Unfortunately, due to our work schedules, we only had a chance to throw them in a bucket of water and then left them to fend for themselves until the following Monday evening.  By then, our beautiful bright yellow China mums were looking pretty sad and droopy.  In hindsight, we probably should have done more.

We looked up some rumored tricks to help make flowers last a bit longer.  Some suggested wrapping the stems in moist paper towels and placing the flowers in a refrigerator or cool place until you're ready to arrange them.  As for when to cut the stems, we saw suggestions for cutting the flowers immediately, while others suggested placing the stems in water for a few hours before cutting, or cutting under water.   When it comes to flower food, we saw ideas for adding crushed aspirin, vinegar, bleach, soda, and/or a copper penny to the water, all thought to minimize bacteria growth.

Two tips that came up over and over again...always trim off any leaves that may become immersed under water and cut the stems at an angle to maximize water absorption.

Readers - Do you have any tips to make fresh flowers last longer?

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