Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dodger Blue

I'm not the most sportiest gal you'll ever meet.  I duck when balls come flying towards my head.  I manage to trip in ditches when running on the field.  I often whiff the ball when swinging my golf club.  That said, growing up with my sports-loving brother and father, I've come to appreciate at least watching sports.  Dr. S thought it would be "cute" to purchase matching LA Dodger hats for my family for our recent outing to Dodger Stadium.  The game was amazing!  I also indulged in the classic Dodger dog (see my loose interpretation here) and some too-salty nachos.  My mom of course brought along the classic Korean picnicking snack: kim bap, a sushi roll with usually meat instead of fish.  Delicious! 

Shirt: H&M (old).  Shorts: Elevenses from Anthropologie.  Shoes: Miss Albright from Anthropologie.  Baseball cap: amazon.com. 


  1. What a cute outfit for a baseball game! I'm loving those shorts.

  2. this outfit is SOO cute! i love all the pattern mixing!


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