Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Maternity and Postpartum Essentials

pregnancy and postpartum essentials

I have definitely been MIA and I am so lucky to have a great blogging partner in Sarah, who is single-handedly keeping the blog alive despite having her hands full with her adorable 9 month old daughter. I welcomed my own bundle of joy right before Thanksgiving and am thoroughly enjoying all that motherhood has to offer. While on maternity leave, I haven't had much time to snap outfit pics (need to teach a newborn how to operate a dSLR) but I do want to share with you some items that have proved to be invaluable to me during my pregnancy and in the first few months postpartum.

1. Ingrid and Isabel Maternity BellaBand - This product is no secret and it really came in handy during my first and second trimesters when I wasn't quite showing but was feeling bloated and thicker in my midsection. I was able to extend the life of my regular wardrobe and I didn't have to succumb to maternity wear until pretty late in my pregnancy.

2. Maternity leggings - Sarah got me these Ingrid and Isabel leggings and near the end, they were the only "pants" I wanted to wear. I wore them to the hospital when I was labor and also when I brought my daughter home. The belly panel can be folded down early on in the pregnancy and then pulled up over your bump as your grow. The seamless feature really makes these the most comfortable leggings in the world - ask any pregnant woman - seams are the enemy! I actually purchased these Hatch Collection leggings near the end of my pregnancy because I was desperate for a second pair of pants.  I wish I had gotten them earlier because these would have been perfect in the first trimester and second trimester as well.  I can see how the waistband may not be the most comfortable with the giant bump but I have been living in these pants postpartum.  The thick knit material provides comfort while hiding all those lovely flabby lumpy parts of my postpartum body. What I love about Hatch Collection leggings is that they don't feel or look like maternity wear.

3. J. Crew Minnie Maternity Pants - These were a lifesaver for work. They are a bit of a splurge. Luckily, J. Crew has frequent sales and I picked these up in black and navy and wore them throughout my entire pregnancy.

4. Mama Mio Tummy Rub - Unfortunately, there is no magic cream or potion that can prevent or cure stretch marks. Sorry ladies. But I loved rubbing this on my growing bump every day. I took advantage of the time to talk to the baby and pamper myself a bit.

5. ASOS Maternity BodyCon Dresses - Near the end of my pregnancy, I was having a hard time finding work appropriate attire. Regular clothing wouldn't cover my bump and maternity tops weren't that flattering on me. I relied on these ASOS maternity bodycon dresses. They were super comfortable and made me feel stylish and attractive when I was feeling the complete opposite.

6. Undercover Mama Nursing Tank - Sarah has already raved about these tanks in a previous post and I could not agree with her more. 

7. Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra - I can't say enough about these nursing bras. If you are a nursing mommy, you need to get these. The end.

There you have it. My seven maternity and postpartum essentials. I'll be back with some outfit, DIY, and recipe posts soon but for now, I'm just enjoying being a new mommy. Happy New Year everyone!



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