Friday, February 13, 2015

Brocade, Lace, and Wicked

While I might be spending Valentine's Day working all day and eating takeout Thai food for dinner, my husband and I managed to sneak away for a rare date night a few weeks back.  The night was such a welcome respite from our regular routine.  Since having a baby, the smallest things can feel like luxuries.  Taking a shower where I can take the time to use shampoo and conditioner.  Sleeping for more than 4 hours straight.   Leaving our place on a whim, without lugging around a huge bag full of stuff and a stroller.  These were considered "givens" at one point pre-baby.  What about a night out to eat dinner and to watch Wicked (definitely one of my favorite musicals of all time!) with just the two of us?  That's like winning the lottery!  Sure, I called my mom after dinner, before the show, during intermission, and after the show to make sure the baby was safe and sound.  We still enjoyed every moment of our night out!

Dress: Leifsdottir 'Water Garden Dress from Anthropologie.  Jacket: Sandro 'Vendredi' (similar here). Silver beaded clutch: Vintage from mom (similar here).  Fleece lined tights (amazing when I was living in the Northeast!): from Korea.  Peep-toe booties: Jill Stuart.


  1. Lovely dress. Glad you got to enjoy a night out.

    I bought very similar tights last time I was in Korea :)

  2. You look gorgeous! I've been a fan of this blog for a while. My baby girl is 6 weeks old, so I echo everything you said here. Would love to see more nursing friendly styles. Look forward to some inspirations as I'm returning to work next month. Thanks.

    And, can't help asking: how is it possible that you can get back to such great shape so fast? Could you please share some tips? I still carry 20 extra lbs, and don't see how I can lose them quickly. Very frustrated whenever checking my closet:( Thanks a lot.

    --Shan from San Diego

    1. Hi Shan! To be honest, I lost my baby weight by breastfeeding. I have zero time for exercise between work and the baby. I try to cook as much as a I can at home, because it allows me more time with the baby (I cook after she goes to bed) and forces me to make some healthier choices. I also bring my lunch to work. I tried wearing a Belly Bandit for the first month, but I'm not sure how much it helped since I wasn't so faithful about wearing it. My proportions are a little off from before - a little more top heavy and flabby in the mid-section, but I've come to terms with it :). It most definitely didn't happen overnight, as it took me 8 months to get to this point, so don't be frustrated! It took 9+ months to put on the weight, so it'll take that much time to take it off. I was still wearing maternity pants 5 to 6 months post-partum! Thanks for reading and congrats on the baby girl!!


    2. Thanks so much Sarah! You look terrific as usual! I too tried BellyBandit from day 10 to 40 post-partum. I think it helped a little bit, but after taking it off, my belly bounced back. I didn't expect it to get rid of the belly fat anyway:) Just started daily stroller walks this week, and hope this could help.


  3. Lovely dress! what size are you wearing?

  4. Hi Sarah! Love your blog and glad to see your back to it! May I ask where you got your necklace? So simple yet classic.


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