Monday, June 8, 2015

Rustic Jungle Animal Baby Shower

Long time, no post!  I haven't completely forgotten about this blog.  Life has just been busy!

Here are some photos from a baby shower I helped throw this past weekend for a good college friend, Kim and her husband Peter.  Kim and Peter are some of the sweetest people I know.  Peter has a pediatric dentistry practice and Kim has her own orthodontics practice, both in my home town of South Pasadena.  Such a small world!  I couldn't have put this shower together without the help of my friend Christy, Peter's aunt Carol, and Kim's sister Anita.  Thanks guys!   

Is this not the cutest monkey cake ever?  A special thank you to my talented friend, Jen, and her amazing cake baking skills!  The chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, chocolate chunks, and raspberries was DELICIOUS. 

Animal cracker favors with adorable stick-on animals from Michael's.
Can't wait for the arrival of Baby Joe!


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