Friday, January 31, 2014

Neutral and Expecting


I finally wanted to share a little bit of news with everyone: I'm pregnant!  We are 25 weeks along and due in mid May with our first.  These photos were taken when I was about 22 weeks.  My bump is much bigger now!  The last few months have been an absolute whirlwind.  I spent the entire first trimester lying on the couch/bed with an overwhelming sense of fatigue.   The nausea was unbearable and relentless.  I would be on a 28 hour overnight call and only manage to keep down a dinner roll and some ginger ale.  Thank goodness for the endless supply of Saltines at the hospital.

On top of the first trimester blues, we moved from our apartment to a new condo.  I hate moving!  I repeat, I hate moving!  Add the nausea and generally icky feeling makes moving even more arduous.  Thankfully Dr. S was super duper patient, kind, and understanding.  Miraculously when I hit week 15, that dreaded feeling of blech just lifted.  It was so nice to finally feel normal again, and we feel incredibly blessed for our little bun in the oven!

In the upcoming few months, I'm hoping to share some fun ways to dress with an ever expanding belly.  My goals are to: 1. Stay comfy.  2.  Try to extend my old wardrobe as much as possible.  3.  Find some maternity clothes that don't make me feel dumpy.  Stay tuned!

Cashmere dress: Rhys Dwfen (similar here).  Gray cardigan: J.Crew.  Scarf: Anthropologie Grignolino scarf.  Heather gray tights: Hue.  Handbag: Botkier.  Gray booties: Belle by Sigerson Morrison 'Felicia Dip Wedge Booties' (similar here).


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