Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baby Bunting

This past weekend, I left sunny warm California and braved the cold New Jersey winter to visit my best friend and celebrate the impending arrival of her baby girl.  Since I was bringing all of the decorations with me, I needed something that would survive being crammed into my carry-on bag.  And to make it worthy of a cross country trip, I wanted something that would last beyond the shower and possibly be used as nursery decoration.  My best friend loves birds so the bird fabric was a no-brainer.  She also told me she was incorporating yellows and greens into the nursery, so I picked fabrics that I thought she would like and would complement the decor.

I followed the tutorial here with a few modifications.  I originally wanted to do this "no sew" with Stitch Witchery but it was actually more of a hassle getting all of the seams to line up.  I caved and borrowed my friend's sewing machine.  To give the bunting flags a little more structure, I used fusible interfacing.  I had wanted to use the zig-zag trim (pictured below) to attach the triangles, but it ended up looking sloppy and unfinished.  So to create a cleaner edge, I switched back to the extra wide double fold bias tape.

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  1. It's funny how you say to yourself i want to do it one way and then you see it and you change completely. I think the cleaner edge does look amazing. Well done.


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