Sunday, June 30, 2013

Work Outfit Series: Under My White Coat #1

 I have a love-hate relationship with my white coat.  I love that the ample pockets are great for storage -- women's clothing don't often have many functional pockets so the white coat stores my iPhone, pens, small wallet, and my trusty box of lenses.  It also protects me and my clothes from pen leaks, accidental spills, and grimy hospital germs.  When I am in a rush, I can hide an otherwise lackluster outfit behind the coat.  But this is also something I hate -- I hate that any attempt at looking feminine and lady-like is covered by this shapeless white tent.

Now every hospital or clinic is different, so this may not apply for everyone but I want to share some of my tips for styling under a white coat.  Today's tip...

...add a pop of color like these cobalt blue pants.  I have my army of black work pants but I'm always looking for ones in bright vibrant colors.  Work pants are notoriously hard to find because I tend to wear flats at work and dragging hems are always a problem (not to mention gross!).  Therefore, I tend to wear cropped pants and am fortunate that I live in a climate that allows me to do so year round.

My lenses - a necessary tool for any retina specialist.  They come in standard black but I couldn't resist getting some in pretty purple! 

Black cardigan: J. Crew 'Jackie'. Black and white top: Jovovich-Hawk for Target (super old). 
Blue cropped pants: Theory 'Sienna' in Bright Sapphire (similar here). 
Snow leopard print flats: River Island (old)  (Last seen here).


  1. I'm a family doctor in Canada who has been reading your blog for quite some time but has never commented.

    Is it more common for American doctors to wear white coats? I have not worn a white coat since I finished residency. Regardless, I love your outfit and your styling suggestions! And those are some pretty purple lenses!

  2. Hi Liana! I think the white coat culture varies from institution to institution. For example, I know at the Mayo Clinic, the doctors do not wear white coats but instead wear suits daily. However in the hospitals where I've worked, we've all worn white coats, regardless of our level of training. Of course, as a medical student, the white coat is short and you graduate to a long one once you get your MD. Thanks for visiting!

  3. such a great outfit under the white coat!! you could play off the white coat... as kind of like a blazer? hahahah

  4. I love your blog particularly the integration of style, food/recipes and DIYs. I also enjoy and hope there will be more white coat work outfit series! Great blog!<3


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