Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Work Outfit Series: Under My White Coat #2

Earlier this week, Carolyn shared a tip for bringing some spunk to an otherwise blah white coat.  My tip for this week...wear a fun print!  Some people might think, huh?  Snails at the hospital?  But I say...why not have a few snails peeking out from under your white coat?  Snails are friendly!  Sometimes I wish I had a more relaxed dress code for work.  It would be great not to have two different wardrobes: a "work" one and a "fun" one.  I'm happy when I come across items that can easily cross over into both wardrobes.  I've worn this snail shirt casually with jeans as much as I've worn it paired with dress pants and skirts.  Prints in bright colors are a great way to jazz up a white coat, especially when you're only seeing a small portion of them! 

'In Clouds' snail shirt: Charlotte Taylor from Anthropologie.  'Sailing Lace' skirt: Tabitha from Anthropologie.  'Marli Too' nude wedges: Kate Spade.  Necklace: Forever 21.


  1. Fun print, and I love the texture on that skirt! I don't wear a white coat in my current practice, but when I did wear one I used to order the type that has a gathered waist band in the back to create some shape. Great tip to wear a fun print to jazz things up a bit! Have a great 4th of July!


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