Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sail Me Away

Carolyn and I took a trip out to the Melrose Trading Post (aka the Fairfax Flea Market) to pick up some items for some upcoming projects.  We left with some treasures that may or may not make an appearance in future posts.  

A morning of thrifting quickly snowballed into an all-day affair with a delicious pit stop at Versailles for some melt-in-your mouth braised pork.  Be on the lookout for some upcoming DIY tutorials!

Jacket: Balenciaga.  Shirt: H&M.  Polka dot jeans: Seven7.  Loafers: J. Crew (similar here).  
Handbag: Torula Bags from Shopholic Sample Sales.  Watch: Michael Kors.  
Bracelets: Anthropologie, Julie Nolan.  Sunglasses: Chloe.

 Endless vintage treasures at the Melrose Trading Post


  1. Love the pants and stripe combo. So cute!

    The Glossy Life

  2. your outfit is so cute!

  3. how fun~!! i want to check that out sometime!! cute pattern mixing! excited for the DIYs!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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