Monday, March 4, 2013

Leopard On Repeat

These leopard pants may look familiar from this post.  You'll be seeing a lot of duplicates since we are often drawn to the same pieces but unfortunately, being one size apart in both clothing and shoes means sharing is out of the option.

Sarah and I scored these at an amazing Joie/Current/Elliott/Equipment sample sale last summer.  Speaking of great finds, Sarah found these pony-haired booties for me at over 80% off.  I'm definitely going to miss the shopping in L.A. when I move up to the Bay Area this summer but I'm also looking forward to exploring a new city and finally ending long-distance with Mr. J.

Jacket: Zara. Shirt: Madewell. Jeans: Current Elliott 'The Stiletto'. Bracelet: no brand from Wasteland. Purse: Chanel Quilted Medallion Tote (present from Mr. J). Sunglasses: Jigsaw. Pony-haired booties: Belle by Sigerson Morrison

Speaking of good shopping in LA, have you stopped by the Fairfax Flea Market yet?


  1. Those are hot shoes! And did you say Joie/Current/Elliott/Equipment sample sale? I've got to get ON THAT!

    Sadly, I have not made it to either the Fairfax Flea Market or the Rose Bowl Flea Market yet. We frequent the Pasadena City College Flea Market, but there are only a few vintage clothing vendors there. However, a couple of them are quite good! How is Fairfax?

    1. Also, I feel you on the long distance relationships! My ex and I did it for two years while he was doing his postdocs. Glad the long distance is coming to an end for you soon!

  2. love the shoes and the jacket!

  3. Me too! Great color, details on the jacket.

  4. Love the jeans and shoes and colorful top! Yay for no more long distance!

  5. love the pattern mixing and jealous of your bag!! :)

  6. So pretty! I love that the pattern is bold, but the color is understated, so it's not too much.

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