Friday, July 8, 2016

Maternity Dress: At Both 29 and 34 Weeks Pregnant

I have been attempting to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes as much as possible during this pregnancy, but there are some scenarios that just don't work.  Work pants and jeans fall into that category as I haven't been able to zip up my pants since the end of my first trimester (I blame it on this being my second pregnancy).  Thank goodness for those stretchy panels!  I can still pull off non-maternity empire-waisted dresses with looser bottoms, but if I want to wear a dress that is fitted in the third trimester, I just suck it up and buy maternity.  Thank goodness for Asos and their affordable options.  I mean, $18??  Such a steal!  The ruching is quite forgiving for the growing belly, as evidenced by the fact that I can wear this dress easily at 29 weeks and 34 weeks pregnant.  The first set of photos are from a wedding I attended at 29 weeks pregnant, and the second set are from a date night with Dr. S at 34 weeks pregnant.

Date night at Tar and Roses at 34 weeks!

Maternity high neck dress: Asos.  
1st look at 29 weeks pregnant: Nude wrap up heels: Schutz.  Cross-body bag: Ferragamo.  
2nd look at 34 weeks pregnant: Embroidered clutch with pom-poms: from travels in Thailand.  Gold and tan wedge sandals: Loeffler Randall. 

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