Monday, April 28, 2014

Maui Maternity Photo Shoot at 32 Weeks

While we were in Maui, Dr. S and I took advantage of the gorgeous surroundings and took some maternity shots.  Thank you to the talented Kristy Copperfield for these beautiful photos!  Her newborn shots are amaaazing too - you should check out her website.

These photos were taken at the breathtakingly magical Honolua Bay Rainforest near Kapalua, Maui.  Just off the main highway, we were instantly transported to a magical fairyland with twisted vines hanging from a lush canopy of trees.  We swore we would run into a tribe of wood nymphs, but all we found were a good number of hungry mosquitoes.  Turns out that this rainforest is the path to a beautiful snorkeling spot, so next time we're in Maui we are definitely checking it out! 

Dress: Free People San Jose Maxi Dress (short version here).  Necklace: J.Crew (similar here).  Necklace as headband: J.Crew. 


  1. oh my!! these pictures are soooo amazing!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Hi! I just came across your blog. Do you recommend going to Maui at 32 weeks? I'm in California and considering doing that but not sure. Thanks for your thoughts! You looked amazing on your trip.

  3. Yes! It was a great time to go! You're not so big that you're that uncomfortable (it gets much worse 35 weeks+). We didn't end up doing super active activities that we would have done pre-pregnancy, like hiking and snorkeling, but it was super relaxing. Food was amazing too!


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