Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Warby Parker Try-On

I've been wearing contact lenses since I was 9 years old.  Glasses have always been relegated to when I'm schlepping around the house in my PJs or when I need to maneuver from the bathroom to the bed without tripping.  Once I started residency and began overnight calls, I quickly realized that contact lenses just left my eyes dry and in pain.  I had to wear glasses to make it through those long hospital nights. 

Last year, I stepped on my metal framed glasses, leaving a small crack in the left lens.  As the year progressed, the crack grew larger and larger, leaving a very obvious defect that began obstructing my vision.  Walking around the hospital, it was frankly embarrassing.   I've always wanted some plastic frames, but they never fit my face, usually sliding down my flat asian nose.  Every pair of glasses I've owned have had those little plastic nose pads.  Regardless, I couldn't resist the cute plastic frames on Warby Parker's website.  To my surprise, they fit!

Warby Parker's website is awesome in that you can upload your photo and virtually try glasses on.  Even better, they actually ship you five pairs for free to try on in real life.  If you don't like one of those five, you can send them on back and try on five totally new pairs.  Once I made my selection, I sent in my prescription, and they arrived about 10 days later.  The legs were a little bit more stretched out compared to the pair I tried on, but with some heat from a blowdryer, I managed to shape them to fit my face.   



Frame styles from top to bottom (above) and left to right (below): Crane, Bensen, Fitz, Wilkie, Baxter.

Which one did I choose?  The Crane!


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