Monday, February 25, 2013

Date Night Neutrals

The pager was going off non-stop last weekend.  It was a storm of emergencies and disasters and there seemed to be no end in sight.  Fortunately, my black cloud of call finally cleared -- just in time for me to make it to a dinner date I had ambitiously planned with friends earlier in the week.  With only 30 minutes to get ready before the sun set, I rushed home and wrestled my hair into a sloppy up-do, slapped on some makeup, and threw together this outfit.  Sarah and I ran up to the rooftop to capture these shots before we lost daylight.

I love to wear color but when I'm in a hurry, blindly grabbing some neutral pieces from my closet usually results in a somewhat put-together outfit without requiring too much effort.

Dress: Theory. Blazer: Gibson (similar here and here). Purse: Chanel Medium Flap Bag. Suede ankle boots: Adrienne Vittadini. Earrings: gift from Mr. J. Necklace: old (purchased from here when I lived in Denver)

My favorite dish of the night at Laurel Hardware -- the butterscotch budino with granola.  Paired with some French press coffee and I was in heaven...


  1. Couldn't resist noting: BU DING! ;) - Deb

  2. you look soo amazing in this neutrals look, carolyn!!

  3. You look great! Like you too hours to get ready. Love the effortless, yet also sophisticated, cut of that dress! The blazer and booties really bring up the sophistication!

    1. PS If you turn off CAPTCHA for your comments, that'd be awesome and probably encourage more ppl to leave comments :). You could moderate comments if you are concerned about spam.

    2. lisacng, thanks for the tip! we'll give it a try :)


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