Monday, May 2, 2016

Expecting Baby #2!

It's crazy how quickly time flies.  It has been almost TWO years since the birth of our first baby bear, and here we are expecting #2!  And I'm already at 29 weeks!  I definitely think this pregnancy has gone faster overall, mostly because I'm not obsessing over every little ache or pain and rather am just trying to enjoy it.  Although, that first trimester was hardly enjoyable.  I had the works again - the fatigue, the nausea, and the vomiting - the hardest part being that I wasn't sharing our pregnancy news with anyone at that point.  Leaving in the middle of rounds to go puke and then coming home to go to bed at 7 PM every night was no fun.  Thankfully this time around it ended a bit earlier around the 12 week mark, and I soon entered the much cheerier second trimester (dreary, cheery, and weary, as the saying goes).

This past weekend, Dr. S and I left our baby bear with my parents and attended a wedding for a co-resident.  When I first saw the invite that said "Black Tie," I groaned (sorry, Phil!).  Finding maternity clothing is hard enough as it is, but a formal maternity gown??  Do those even exist?  At least at a reasonable price point?  I searched for rental options like Rent the Runway but struck out.  The dresses I found seemed plain and a bit overpriced to rent for just a night.  Thank goodness for Asos with their wide collection of maternity dresses!   For those looking for sizing recommendations, I ended up with a UK size 8, which is equivalent to a US size 4 (non-pregnant, I'm usually a size 2-4 depending on the brand).  The bottom half had plenty of room, and I could easily wear this dress to full term, had I more black tie events to attend!      


Black lace overlay maternity formal dress: Little Mistress at Asos (love these options too: option 1, option 2).  Bracelet: DIY.  Lipstick: Tom Ford Bruised Plum.


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful dress! You look great!

    I think I would just wear my prettiest hanbok if I ever got invited to a black tie event while pregnant.

    1. Ooh that thought never even crossed my mind! Such a good idea!!


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