Friday, July 25, 2014

Simple Summer Outfit Post-Baby

About two months ago, my life was indelibly altered.  Our little family grew by one tiny, feisty little being who filled us with overwhelming love and joy.  My six weeks of maternity leave literally flew by, and before I could blink I was already back at work, finishing my last couple weeks of residency and starting my new fellowship.  I spent the first 21 days of maternity leave on lock down at home, forbidden to leave the house - part of a Korean tradition where the new moms rest and eat bucketloads of seaweed soup as part of the healing process from the delivery.  Over two months later, I still don't quite feel back to my normal self, but I feel unbelievably lucky to have a healthy, smiley little girl. 

I wore this simple outfit to one of my best friend's baby showers, one of my first social outings since giving birth.  I've quickly learned the hurdles of nursing wear, which similar to maternity wear has its own annoyances.  I ended up bringing my baby bear, so a dress was out of the question because it would make it impossible to feed her.  Hence, I ended up with separates with a loose top that could be easily lifted up.  I'm still in my maternity bottoms but thankfully my pre-baby wardrobe had plenty of flowy tops.

Silk tank: Theory (old).  Confetti skirt: Zara (old).  Heeled sandals: Celine.  Ring: Cartier Trinity Ring.  Handbag: Fendi 2 Jours Medium in Dove.

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