Thursday, April 4, 2013

Work Outfit Series: Our Favorite Shoes

Today, we would like to introduce to you our favorite work shoe -- the Cole Haan Air Bria Cap Toe II wedges!  Sure, these may not win any style awards but when we spend 12+ hours on our feet, running between clinic and the OR and all over the hospital, these babies are the ones we slip on time and time again.

We made a simple pros and cons list on why these shoes are our favorites for work...and as you can see, the pros definitely outnumber the cons!

Comfort - Probably the biggest pro of them all.  The Nike Air technology in the sole makes you feel like you are walking on pillows.  No joke.  The soles are super soft and cushiony but still offer good support.  Wearing a shoe that offers good support not only prevents foot pain but it also limits lower back pain.

Style - The patent cap toe gives this simple shoe a bit more style and makes it a little dressier and more work-appropriate.  Closed-toe shoes are also a must in the hospital!

Heel height - The small wedge gives you just enough lift to prevent pants from dragging on the ground.  It also contributes to the comfort of the shoe.  We both have countless pairs of flats that we wear but by the end of the day, the pressure points on our soles (like the heels and the balls of our feet) start to hurt from the flat soles.

Construction - The leather is buttery soft.  The edges are smooth without any blister-inducing seams.  The soles, while a bit casual, offer good traction on the slippery hospital floors.

Sarah - I don't really have any complaints.  
Carolyn - I'm nitpicking here but I wish there was slightly less toe cleavage.  By the end of the day, the shoe also rubs a little on my pinky toe (this is easily fixable by wearing some foot liners).

We heard that Nike sold Cole Haan so we're a bit sad that these shoes may not be available in the future.  We both bought ours on mega discount.  The last time we saw these was at the Cole Haan outlet so it may be worthwhile to try calling an outlet close by and see if they still carry them (style no. D35669).  As for sizing, we find them to fit true to size.  (FYI, this post is in no way sponsored by Cole Haan.  We just wanted to share these with you!)

It is so rare for the two of us to be in the same post, so here are some silly shots we took together after work.  Thanks to Dr. S for being our photographer!

Reading pages aloud to one another is normal, no?

Extra hair-ties on the wrists are another essential in the hospital

On Carolyn // Silk chevron-striped blouse: Equipment (similar here). Black cropped pants: Gap
Gold link necklace: Stella & Dot. Belt: Forever 21
On Sarah // Black and white knit sweater jacket: Target. Silk check blouse: Club Monaco. 
Black ponte pants: Theory. Pony hair leopard belt:  J.Crew

And because jumping pictures never get old...


  1. You two are so adorable :) Love the matching shoes. I have a pair that look similar from Clarks- super comfortable as well. These are much more fashionable than Danskos!


    1. Christy, I love my Clarks too! I have a pair of mary jane patent ones that I wore to death. I wore them so much my strap broke. And I bought another pair and the strap broke on those too. So now I've converted to these strap-less Cole Haans :)

  2. Just when I finally started investing in Cole Haan Nike Airs, Nike sells the company. Those are super cute and they definitely look comfortable! (I have a similar looking pair of Aerosoles that need replacing, but I guess I'll have to keep looking.)

    I like both pairs of black pants on you as well. Nice to see you both in the same photos! You two are so cute.


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